Case Studies

extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

Unique Windows London

Unique Windows London are a window and door installation company, whose products come in a large variety of classical and modern styles and incorporate the latest in design and technology. They came to us because their website needed modernisation and they wanted to increase traffic and sales. So, our talented team set out to deliver a high-performance website along with an integrated SEO strategy. They have since seen a 180% increase in organic traffic and conversions.

“Great solutions, fast results and an excellent service.”

Viva Domo

Directives like the PSD2 are one of many factors affecting the till roll market, resulting in fierce competition between remaining incumbents. Vivadomo came to us because they wanted a responsive website with a modern twist that would help differentiate them from their competitors. In order to achieve Vivadomo’s vision, we delivered not only a website, but a complete overhaul of all branding and visual elements; everything from logo to box designs. It is safe to say that they now have the most visually stunning UX in the till roll industry.

“Amazing design and a great website. Thanks Guys!!!”

Churchill Electrical

Churchill Electrical is an electrician company , specialising in residential and commercial projects. They came to us because they needed a website and branding. Our in house team designed a stunning logo accompanied with  a modern website to help allow them to stand apart from the competition.


Headcase is an e-commerce store that sells high quality Virtual Reality foam replacements world-wide. Founded by Nathan Bragg, it is now owned and operated by our team. We built the web-store as a means of generating new traffic, and to demonstrate our design prowess. We have a track record of happy customers and we like to keep it that way, hence we are always looking for new ways to improve our products. We are huge fans of VR ourselves and we are constantly expanding our range of products to make your VR experience even more unforgettable.


Idiocratea is a UK based ecommerce store founded by Nathan Bragg, providing customers all around the globe with a constantly expanding selection of trendy mugs, meme related products, gag gifts, personalised items and other brilliantly idiotic presents. Furthermore, we published a range of original parody books called poetry of the public with Idiocratea and due to our personalised marketing strategy, one of the books (overheard at waitrose) is now a bestseller in the UK.